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Scout Custom 24 Your Choice
List 12 Badges Alphabetically
List 12 More Badges
SCOUT LAW Icing Sheet
Free Text
Instructions to Seller
Scout Rank Badges
Instructions to Seller
Eagle Scout Badge
Free Text or Instructions

Custom Scouts YOUR CHOICE 1.5" ea.

Eagle Scout Medal
Free Text or Instructions

24/sheet 1.5" Scout Merit Badges/Rank Sheet #3

Scout RANKS Badges up to 2.5" ea.


24/sheet 1.5" Scout Merit Badges/Rank Sheet #2

CUB SCOUT #2  Badges Actual Sizes

Scout Merit Badges #2

Scout LAW Icing Sheet up to 8x10"

Eagle Scout BADGE up to 9"

Cub Scout II Badges
Any Instructions

Eagle Scout MEDAL up to 9" 

Scout Merit Badges #1
Cub Scout I Badges
Select Rank
Any Instructions

REQUIRED Eagle Scout Merit Badges 1.5" ea.

Scout Merit Badges, Eagle Scout Cake, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Ranks, Oath, Motto, Court of Honor, Cupcakes, Cake Toppers
 We get authorized use of the logos for scouting purposes from local council directors.
No preservatives, nuts, dairy, eggs or gluten. Kosher approved.  Free Text!  Free Shipping over $35.00. (248) 247-5476.


Boy Scout BADGE up to 9"

Scouting Award Knots
Boy Scout Badge
Free Text or Instructions

CUB SCOUT #1  Badges up to 6"

eagle scout cake required merit badges edible cakes cupcakes

Scouting AWARD KNOTS size 1.5" ea.


Scout Merit Badges #3
eagle scout cake custom merit badges cakes cupcakes

24/sheet 1.5" Scout Merit Badges/Rank Sheet #1

Eagle Scout Required Merit Badges