Travel Stamps #1

Travel Stamps, Suitcase Cake, Luggage, Passports. 
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Edible Travel Stamps Sheet  #1
 Each Sticker approx. 2in.

Edible Travel Stamps Sheet  #3
 Each Sticker approx. 2in.

Edible Travel Stamps Sheet  #2
 Each Sticker approx. 2in.

Travel Stamp Cupcakes Mexico
Travel Stamps #3

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Edible Travel Stamps, Cake Stickers, Suitcase Decals, Luggage Sticker, Passport Stamp, Cake Wraps.

No preservatives, nuts, dairy, eggs or gluten. Kosher approved. For fondant, frosting, chocolate, icing, cheesecake, marshmallows, Jell-O, candy

Icing Sheets   (Smooth Surface for Photos, Chocolate)  Fondant, Gum paste, Icing, Any Confection!
Edible Paper   (Matte Surface Not for Photos or Chocolate)  for Fondant, Gum paste, Cookie Icing.

Each Edible Sticker approx. 2 inches.

Travel Passport U.S.
Travel Stamps #2

Edible Travel Stamp Cake Stickers 

No preservatives, nuts, dairy, eggs or gluten. Kosher approved.  Since 2005.  
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50 U.S. States Suitcase Stamps
 Each Edible Sticker approx. 1.5"

U.S. Passports Luggage Stamps
Actual Size 3.5 x 5"

12 Mexico Suitcase Cupcakes 
 Each Edible Sticker 2"

Travel Stamps U.S. States